What does “diversity” mean to the CoDiv Community?
We all come from different backgrounds and have valuable perspectives. We welcome those insights in this open forum, where anti-harassment and anti-discrimination conversations happen.

What value are we serving?
We want to provide a platform for diversity-focused technology groups and those interested to help define Colorado's culture in this space.

Who can join?
Everyone! Although we are a technologists, We know the conversation goes beyond that. So we welcome your perspectives on driving Colorado's culture

  • Participants/Mentors - All experiences welcomed. Share your questions, experience, learn and improve your technology skills

  • Organizers - Reach out to the community and share your events, workshops, and resources

  • Companies - Encourage the community's drive for diversity and share your initiatives

  • Supporters - It's about the inclusion of everyone and we need guidance and participation to help grow together

I've just joined...sooo what do I do?

Thanks! Introduce yourself in the #_introductions channel and let us know who you are. Browse channels to find an interest. Post questions, events, and learn more about what's going on in the community

What Channels can I create?
Browse through and if you don't find one for your topic, create one. Some ideas include Programming Language Specific groups, Neighborhoods, Technologies, etc. Make your mark

Post Events
Yes, share what you're up to and be prepared to answer questions. All we ask is to keep it within the idea of Diversity and Technology.


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