Elaine Marino

Elaine, Equili Founder,  is spearheading an industry-wide movement transforming diversity in the tech space. Elaine left the Fortune 500 advertising industry to become a Ruby on Rails developer. It was then when she experienced first-hand the tremendous gap in diversity within software development.  It was apparent that women and minorities were woefully underrepresented throughout the community. Elaine saw clearly how change could be made for the better. Elaine’s viewpoint on the tech industry is unique in that she is an insider and an outsider.

Early in her endeavours, it became clear that some different career enrichment strategies for women and minorities were necessary to become successful. Learning and developing these techniques formed the knowledge base that Equili was founded upon. Elaine also recognized the critical need to pass this strategic knowledge onto other women and other diverse groups looking to thrive in the tech industry. Elaine knows first hand how diverse, unique perspectives are invaluable in the work space. During her tenure at Equili, she has been designing, implementing, and managing events, workshops and content aimed at bringing more diversity into the tech arena. Elaine’s extensive background brings a multitude of experience to all her clients. There is a sweet-spot where technology enhances the lives of people and communities — that is where Elaine thrives.


Natasha Walton

Natasha has spent the last 10 years as a product leader for a number of startups in Silicon Valley, most recently as Director of Product for Livefyre. After Livefyre was acquired by Adobe in 2016, Natasha helped create and lead AccessAdobe, an Employee Resource Group for employees with disabilities. 

Natasha now lives in Denver and is focused on advancing diversity & inclusion and disability justice in the tech industry.



Dan Gutierrez

Dan has been working in the tech industry traversing the ins and outs of architecture solutions. He's currently working as a consultant driving solutions that bring big ideas to measurable value for his clients. He's a student of technology and although he's never put that Atari back together, he's always seeking to learn about new technology. 

Throughout his career, he's built relationships with those from all walks of life and sees the value they bring in being successful. He wants to bring together a community that has a platform to share their stories. The diverse people that use technology to progress the human culture are amazing and they deserve an opportunity to show us what they can do.