Our sponsors play a crucial role in supporting the community of diversity and inclusion. With their help we can continue to provide educational programs and provide a platform that is inclusive to everyone:



Gusto's mission is to create a world where work empowers a better life. Each year Gusto processes tens of billions of dollars of payroll and enables thousands of businesses to provide employee benefits like health insurance and 401(k) retirement plans and 529 college savings plans, many for the first time. And because our small business customers come from all walks of life, we built both a diverse team and an inclusive workplace to serve them well.



We want to instill the right practices and mindset in everyone here. Doing this work now enables us to cut out the BS later. We commit to being a values driven company. Values give us a framework and a set of heuristics to use for making every day decisions at the company.

These are not just words on a screen. This list of values is why we want to get up in the morning and run to the office. We know that focusing on how and why we work the way we do will garner the results that we desire for the company, our customers, our shareholders, and ultimately, ourselves.


Austin Fraser | All:IN

Austin Fraser is an award-winning, international recruitment consultancy that connects like-minded clients with candidates for specialized job placements in technology.